Canshine Truck


    CanShine is the solution to your stinky curbside roll-Spring Sale
    away garbage and recycling cans. We take care of the
    disgusting smell and grime and leave you with clean,
    sanitized and deodorized cans.

    (monthly cleaning), you will be able to permanently
    cross off a pesky household chore that no one wants
    to do (and really shouldn’t!).

     Our automated trash can cleaning system comes
     straight to your curbside on the very same day the
     trash and/or recycling trucks come to take away your

     waste. This is better for the environment because we
     clean with minimal Green-Seal Certified, eco-friendly
The risks that lurk inside our grimy cans are seldom known and often overlooked. Every single time we touch the cans to dispose of trash and recycling we are exposed to a host of harmful germs, bacteria and fungus. Maggots, ants, wasps, mice and rats as well as their feces are also commonly found inside the cans. As we continue to touch other surfaces without cleaning our hands immediately after taking the trash out we spread these risky bacteria throughout our households. As a family-owned trash can cleaning business, we hold our community’s health at the forefront of our mission to clean and sanitize this commonly overlooked source for sickness and disease.

Our expert Emergency Maintenance team are available 24 Hours 7 days
  a week, 365 days a year to attend to your problems. promptly and competently!

Call us now on 251-270-CANS (2267) ​for a price estimation
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