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Welcome! I started this business after I was faced with the reality that there was no easy way to clean my trash can. I walked out of my home one Saturday with the intention to clean my two outside cans. After opening, then seeing and smelling them I realized this was not going to be an easy task. I was going to use the water hose and some bleach but there was no way that would remove the filth inside. I own a power washer and considered using it also, but how would I keep the water from splashing all over me? I would then have to either dump the water in the yard, driveway, or street and didn’t like the idea of that either.

After considering every method that came to mind, I decided to research cleaning trash cans on the internet. I wasn’t satisfied with any of the methods until I came across a few companies that owned equipment that solved most of the problems I was running into. With great curiosity, I continued to search for more companies and learn how they were solving the problem I had for thousands of customers. I learned they have been providing this service in Europe and Australia for years now and had many satisfied customers.

Finally, I located a company here in the United States that builds the equipment and runs a successful trash can cleaning company. The commercial equipment is excellent at cleaning the cans and dumpsters. It uses 190-degree high pressured water to clean and sanitize the cans inside and out and has a basin to catch the water so none is left at the home. I was so impressed with the results from using the equipment that I decided to call the company that sold the equipment. They inspired me to go out on my own and bring the service here to Mobile, Alabama. I am very excited to offer these services here and can’t wait to exceed expectations with the service! I am also looking forward with many new relationships in our wonderful city!

God Bless,
Shayne Jernigan ​

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